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If you want to take a look at the program's general look before doing a download, look at these screenshots. As usual, click on a thumbnail to view the full image.

The shots below were taken with KDE2 version of KGuitar.

[Screenshot] The main window of KGuitar, showing a song loaded. This famous riff is easily recognized as "Don't Cry" by Gun's'Roses.
[Screenshot] Chord dialog window, showing the Gm7 chord. Note all the available somewhat easy fingerings (filtered by the "Usual" filter) and other names for that chord - like Bb6.
[Screenshot] Another possible configuration of editor window. Editor shows "Nothing Else Matters" acoustic riff. Note the 6:8 measure.
[Screenshot] The track properties dialog, the fret instrument specific part. This one shows the drop-D bass guitar tuning as tabulature base. Note the string diameter icons that show the thickest and thinnest string for user's reference.
[Screenshot] Another chord dialog instance, this time with 7-string traditional guitar tuning and a decent G13 chord. Clean 13th chords are unavailable without omissions on a 6-string guitar, but go well on 7-string one. Also note "european" note names used, i.e. H instead of american B.
[Screenshot] All following screenshots are made with infamous Aqua MacOS X-like theme named Liquid by mosfet, using KDE 2.2 with anti-aliased fonts. This one shows simple multitracked song with 3 tracks: guitar, bass and drum tracks. Guitar track is in the way.
[Screenshot] The same song, but drum track mode. Note the special drum track mode with abbreviation hints, showing simple drumset: closed hihat, opened hihat, snare drum and bass drum. Circles mark the places when a certain drum shall sound, making a simple drum tabulature.
[Screenshot] Automatic bass line generation. We just give it a few chords rhythm...
[Screenshot] ... and get a simple, but fully tonal and legal bass line.
[Screenshot] The following screenshots show KGuitar using KDE 3.0.3. We are editing a traditional: "Greensleaves".
[Screenshot] The same song in the print preview window. Note that KGuitar generated both classical notation (i.e. notes on staves) and tabulature.

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