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Getting Latest Version

KGuitar is published under GPL (GNU General Public License), that means it's totally open source and everyone can observe the process of development and take part in it. Everyone can check out absolutely anonymously the latest development version of KGuitar from Subversion repository. There is a SVN browse interface to those whole can just take look, or one can get all the sources to their local computer by entering the following command:

svn co

After doing this, you'll get a kguitar subdirectory in current dir which will have most current version of sources and other supplementary data.

A word to casual viewers: after checking out, don't forget to run cmake .in the checked out directory to produce a Makefile appropriate to your systems. Then proceed building the project as usual - make; make install.

Don't forget also that bleeding edge development version can be in any way unstable, may be buggy or whatever. We even can't guarantee that it would compile without errors.

This project is hosted on SourceForge;

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