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The following roadmap is a current plan of KGuitar development milestones. If you really want some feature sooner than planned, mail us and explain why should we do it earlier. The better way is to join the team and do what you need yourself. Comments of this list are welcome. So, until the release 1.0, there would be probably such versions:

Version Feature set
0.1 Basic tabulature editor, chord tools, saving/loading KG
0.2 Advanced tabulature editor, basic guitar effects
0.3 Track, chord and other things MIDI playback (ALSA interface), more flexible tabulature editor, more effects
0.4 Flexible multitracking, with special track lister window, including at least guitar & drum track types
0.5 Advanced ASCII tab export, with customization, basic melody construction tools
0.6 Advanced ASCII tab input, with intellectual auto-determination of tab
0.7 Advanced MIDI file output, with almost no noticable signs of export
0.8 Advanced MIDI file input, quantizing support
0.9 Basic tabulature printing with some sort of optional support for external printing subsystems, such as MusicTeX
1.0 Full MIDI (playback and MIDI files) support, acceptable printing, ASCII tab import/export support, most tab effects support, several track styles (at least guitar & drum)

Don't forget though, that feature set is a milestone requirement. Certainly, other less major features would be developed simultaneuosly with main development course.

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