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Linux Sound and MIDI


Latest KGuitar requires you to have following to run properly:

  • A POSIX-compliant system
  • Qt libraries v3.x
  • KDE libraries v3.x
  • TSE3 libraries v0.2.3 or higher recommended for MIDI support

If you'll build KGuitar yourself, you'll also need:

  • C++ compiler like gcc (3.2.x recommended)
  • GNU make tools
  • autoconf 2.5.x/automake 1.7.x (required only to build module from CVS)
  • Corresponding libraries development packages or sources

The list of systems KGuitar was reported to run on properly:

  • Linux 2.2
  • Linux 2.4
  • FreeBSD 4.4 / STABLE
  • Solaris (gcc)

This project is hosted on SourceForge;

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