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Linux Sound and MIDI


Mikhail Yakshin AKA GreyCat

Main developer, admin, webpage designer and supporter, Russian translator, creator of the project. Done everything that wasn't done by anybody else.

Software: XEmacs, CVS, GIMP, Midnight Commander, Cervisia, kdbg, most KDE core applications

Wilane Ousmane

Developer, coder, French translator, music theory consultant. Works on chord filtering issues.

Software: vi, CVS

Harri Haataja

Finnish translator.

Software: ?

Stephan Borchert

German translator.

Software: ?

Matt Malone

Developer, coder.

Software: ?

Riccardo "FeAC" Vitelli

Italian translator.

Software: Deamweaver and Notepad (the last one who still uses Windows)

Ryan McCoskrie

Self appointed PR manager.

Software: Kwrite, Dolphin

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