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As all open-sourced free programs, KGuitar is developed by a group of enthusiasts who care to share some of their private time to develop a program which everyone can use freely without any restrictions. If you like KGuitar and want to thank the developers, you should consider contributing to the project. What can you do for KGuitar?


KGuitar is a fairly large project, so we need coders. If you have experience with C/C++, KDE, Qt (or just GUI programming) and want to help - you're welcome to join our team. Please apply to project administrator.


If you work on some sort of online or even paper resource about free software or music software, you can write a review of KGuitar, spreading the word about this project. The more people would take a look at KGuitar, the more people could contribute the project. So, if you'll review the KGuitar, please inform the project admin about your review. If you're working in a paper resource, please send 2 copies of the that magazine issue or whatever you do to the project admin. Contact for further information.

Music Theory Help

Though we're somewhat competent here, if you're brilliant at the music theory things, your help would be also very appreciated. Development of classic music scores would involve a lot of that cryptic little symbols knowledge. If you want to help here - don't hesitate to apply.

KG files

If you've made a lot of KG files for yourself and don't mind sharing them with other people - contribute them to KGuitar homepage in the sample files section, so everyone can download your great masterpieces. Spread the music!

Beta testing

If you're not so competent in C++ and KDE programming to be a coder and want to help though, you can do beta-testing and bug hunting. That's very easy - just follow the instructions on getting the latest KGuitar modules from CVS repository and use it intestively. If you'll find a bug, report it to our SourceForge's bug hunting depot or just mail a message to any developer.

Stringed instrument tunings

If you know a tuning of any stringed instrument or even not stringed that can be implemented in KGuitar tuning library, feel free to add it to the library (it's very easy, just look at the file tunings.h in the source code - it's pretty self-explanatory) and contribute the new tunings to the project. Best way to do it is probably sending a patch via the SourceForge's patch manager. We're particularly interested in additional instruments (like banjos, etc).

This project is hosted on SourceForge;

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