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Linux Sound and MIDI

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The KGuitar itself is downloadable from SourceForge's server. It's distributed in form of source code, as all open-sourced software. However, you should have no troubles compiling it, as the GNU autoconf/automake is used. Installation procedure is often a matter of entering commands "./configure; make; make install" and then the program is properly installed and ready to use.

Available Versions

Release Distribution Formats
0.5.1 (tar.bz2)
0.5 (tar.bz2) (i586 RPM) (SRPM)
0.4.9 (tar.bz2)
0.4.1 (tar.bz2)
0.4 (tar.gz) (i386 RPM) (SRPM)
0.3-pre (tar.gz)
0.2.9 (tar.bz2)
0.2.1 (tar.bz2)
0.2 (tar.bz2) (i386 RPM) (SRPM)
0.1 (tar.gz) (i386 RPM) (SRPM)
0.0.3 (tar.gz)
0.0.2 (tar.gz)
0.0.1 (tar.gz)

FYI: tar.bz2 and tar.gz files are traditional Unix tarball files. You need to use tar and appropriate unpacker (gzip, bzip2) programs to decompress it. i386 RPM distribution contain pre-compiled ready-to-use binaries for RedHat-like systems. SRPM are RPM packages with source code that could be rebuilt to suit your needs. You must have RPM manager installed to use RPMs.

This project is hosted on SourceForge;

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